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+6499678654 / Nina / Negative
Missed a few calls from this number over the last couple days, never left a message so I figured it wasn’t important. After I missed a call from them this morning I rang back. Apparently, they were ringing because I’d recently entered a competition but I know I haven’t. Number is now blocked
+6467594285 / Tracy Kantrowitz
I know nothing about this number
+6499678654 / KFL / Negative
Rung and told I had signed up on line to answer surveys. I had not. did not recognise any detail of what they were talking about . Tried to push idea I would win a prize as I was trying to hang up. I stopped cal. Will block
+6499678654 / Muhammad / Negative
If I don’t know the number I check here they won’t leave me a message I check every body should it’s the only way to stop these people
+6449782570 / Tarita Kingi / Negative
I don’t know anything about this number or who may be calling me. If I don’t recognise the number, then I don’t answer it, ever.
+6499678649 / Anon / Negative
This number calls all the time but my phone recognizes the number as possible fraud so I never answer. Have just blocked them.
+64211710324 / Dean fox
Just checkin
+6432880128 / Bob / Negative
+6494881800 / Kelly / Negative
Received a cool didn't ring for long have blocked number pretty sure it's a scam