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+6499678654 / Erika / Negative
Ringing all the time my phone blocks as a fraud number listened to message and said is omni lead or something a rather.
Diese Nummer 6486067309 hat mich in den letzten zwei Wochen ein paar Mal angerufen. Schließlich beschloss ich zu antworten, aber auf der anderen Seite herrschte Stille. Am Anfang fand ich es ziemlich seltsam, aber später dachte ich, es sei ein Verbindungsproblem. Wie auch immer, kennt jemand die Nummer 6486067309 ?
+6475575009 / Oyeah
Didn't answer 3 missed calls
+6499678697 / Glenn / Positive
+6495581927 / Ann / Negative
Not too sure how Greenpeace got my number, as I have never subscribed to anything or signed a petition. Very hard to block their numbers, as it is a different one each time. They kept pressuring me to give them donations and my bank details.
+6493633438 / Rosie / Negative
They knew my name and asked for my parents not sure how they got my phone number.
+6472971816 / Chris
+6421702152 / Uninvited and unwanted / Negative
Andrea left a note in our letterbox with our name on it asking if we wanted to sell our house.
+6492726000 / Julie Hills / Negative
I answered the call but noone spoke so I hung up. Suspect a scam.
+6495581927 / Philip / Negative
Greenpeace wanting money. Never give these guys your phone number!