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+6493633438 / Rosie / Negative
They knew my name and asked for my parents not sure how they got my phone number.
+6472971816 / Chris
+6421702152 / Uninvited and unwanted / Negative
Andrea left a note in our letterbox with our name on it asking if we wanted to sell our house.
+6492726000 / Julie Hills / Negative
I answered the call but noone spoke so I hung up. Suspect a scam.
+6495581927 / Philip / Negative
Greenpeace wanting money. Never give these guys your phone number!
No voicemail left unknown
+6499678660 / Chloe / Negative
Got this call but my phone said Potential Fraud so didn’t answer it.
+6472028940 / Scam detector
This phone call and left a computerized voice message with Mandarine Chinese language for the purpose of targeting the Chinese speaking community. Scam Alert!
+6499678695 / Kierren
Some helicopter thingy
+642109187408 / Leo / Negative
manda mensajes , pidiendo un guia de turismo, posible estafador