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+6498011080 / Don / Negative
Debt collector - do not answer
+6499678654 / Casper / Negative
Try's to rink the same time everyday for last 2 weeks. number is blocked but keeps trying, did answer the first time and asked for my teenage daughter and would not say why. told then not to ring me and blocked.
+6499678667 / Kerri
New Zealand Coastguard (volunteer service) looking for support. Got my number through having dealt with them previously and/or web clicks.
+6499678659 / Jenny
This number called me, is it a scam?
I didn't answer
+6499678660 / Mel
It’s Mercury Energy offering deals on power, they offered $300 free power if you change to their service. They were polite and not aggressive.
Vodafone overdue bills number, autocall.
+6499678654 / Shannon
A lady called and asked for someone who was not me, she apologised (wasn't that surprised it was the wrong number) and hung up. Kiwi accent.
+6499678675 / Chic / Negative
Dont ring them back, theres a charge.slimy buggers!!
+6498011080 / Kie
Missed call, no message left, don't know who it was