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+6492726000 / Fedup
Trying to give me 50% off Southland time news paper stent to my house
+6468079182 / Anonymous Anonymous / Negative
Arsehole surveys spam callers
+6492726000 / keen1 / Positive
My newspaper had lapsed, they called to sign me up again
+6474944011 / john davidson / Negative
answer no voice
+6465831882 / Digg / Negative
Social security number "suspended". Bot. Scam.
+6475582471 / Mac
Someone texting me but I dont know him and I dont know How did he get my number
+6499771149 / Toni
Didn't answer.
+6499678663 / Kim Ferguson / Negative
This number calls daily between 11am and 12 noon, when I answer they hang up
+6469711171 / Dottie Hinkle / Negative
We need to know the exact words.
+6473479797 / Mdk3 / Negative
This number is garbage and so are the people.