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+642108266476 / Noonoo / Negative
Simply online to harasss women. Probable sociopath. Don’t waste your time.
+6498873251 / nzd / Negative
+6499783576 / Ranee / Negative
Red rat apparently
+6426182577 / Unnessecary
If your are being called by this number, you are being called from Arnhem, The Netherlands. 026 is the area code for Arnhem (Nijmegen for example is 024) and is usually preceded by the landcode +31/0031, which is the international code for The Netherlands.
+6477201034 / nomorendu
who call me from 6477201034 number
+6498879406 / Jenna
Its from an uber driver or an uber number
+6499678647 / Sailer / Positive
Its Coast Guard NZ, potentially off the back of fund raising campaign.
+6478590764 / xyz / Negative
+6499678637 / kim
Want donations
+64800450527 / Contact your whole family / Negative
They called my landlord and neighbors asking for my number to discuss debt I have with an old company. Confirmed with the company itself that Credit Corp does in fact hold my debt account, but the way they go about reaching you is scummy beyond belief! Very harassing and underhanded. Disgusting.