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+6465031801 / ron / Negative
this is a scam,they claim to be from medicare, claiming there confirming information. will not even give employee I'd #.they use an area code similar to your own. 800 #'s are used by government
+6492741151 / Lucie / Positive
It is Post Haste Couriers
+6479302804 / Useless Scamers from Tauranga / Negative
Useless Scamers. Say they want to issue an arrest but don't know my name so I shd call 'em. Talk about stupidity! Lol
If u want to scam ppl, at least learn to gather ur fact b4 calling. That way, u will sound more professional - Scam 101, it's no brainer!!!
+6479302804 / G / Negative
CRA scam, ignore it
+64800269322 / miss / Negative
Steven Colquhoun - Debt Collector -
+6499771141 / derp147258369 / Negative
Calls every now n then, decided to pick up once, says nothing, only a dog was audible in backround and hung up a few seconds later
+64210025935 / Jennifer / Negative
Received text saying "looks like Mr. or Mrs. (insert surname) is on today's list" and then gives a web address - did not follow the link
+6444735516 / Cat / Negative
Kept asking lots of questions even after being told I don’t know anyone with the name the caller wants. Very rude, didn’t apologise for ringing the wrong number. It could be a phishing scam IMO. South African accent.
+6499412127 / Miss / Negative
Gem Visa
+6421825202 / dessi / Positive