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+6492222391 / Louis / Negative
Keep calling without response
+6499678683 / Kelly / Positive
This number called me twice + 6499678683
+6498262211 / Emma / Negative
Just rings but don’t answer and no message left, obviously a scam
+6492704794 / Joy / Negative
Scam caller, blocked it.
+6494413611 / Cameron
This does not belong to ASB bank. I rang 0800 number to query as to why ASB were contacting me to be told this is not an ASB phone number.
Scam caller - just block it and move on
+6495558399 / Gill Wilson / Negative
Missed call 4/03/2020 no message left. If you really want o talk leave a message !
+6499678654 / Stephanie / Negative
An American called and after i answered it said that the call will be recorded from training purposes and then he said he was from omni lead on behalf of price reactor which I thought was strange and weird so i hung up
+6493633447 / Janice / Positive
Pet n sur
+6473342188 / B / Negative
raul called me we told him not to call us we are on the national do not call list raul responded with he is from the international do not call list what a troll