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+6499678674 / s / Negative
wwf nz calling to ask for regular automated donations to their charity
+6499678654 / Raya / Negative
I have just received a call from them as stated as above comment, couldnt really hear what the lady was saying as she was speaking quite fast. I havent entered any surveys so abit confused on why they called they ask what power company I was with and if I would like a $200 discount with mercury but I said no also asked my employment status then they finished the conversation with good luck etc seem like a scam to be honest saying the chance to win $30,000 and something about $15,000 I asked her to repeat what company shes calling from and to speak a little slower so I can understand what the call is about but she still spoke fast. All I say is dont give out personal details and information about yourself just seems abit far fetch
+6499678654 / Katrina
Said I had entered a competition be quick (when I searched, it came up with a prize website). They asked what my employment status was, what power company I was with and then asked If I would support charities (it was a lot like those surveys online and they ask you too tick what charities you could support, just verbal). After saying No too all the response: thank you for your time, good luck with the competition, have a nice day. All together it was a 12 minute mobile call.
+64800269322 / A / Negative
First they called and left a message for 'accounts payable'. Then followed up with a txt from Steven. Quoted a number. Told me to call by closing of a certain date. Rang two weeks later. I do not have any HPs or owe any money to anyone. No fines. I know I am debt free. All my utility bills are in credit as I pay weekly. I have received NO letters from anyone. I haven't returned calls.
+6499678646 / AHI
called me
+6472870565 / Mike / Negative
He's a fake acts like he's got a job for you and makes you get all ready and gives you storys lol
+64800269322 / Edi
This is a spam I have no debt why this 0800 call and text me and give me a deadline .
+6463435588 / NA / Negative
Person texted saying “ hey “ and wouldn’t pick up the phone .
+6493791249 / Me / Negative
Constantly calling me everyday, sometimes twice, never leaving a message. Very much harassment. Blocked the number, now getting harassed by similar numbers. Not happy.
+64210025935 / Mannie / Negative
I have got a message this morning from this number,it's gives me an IRD number and brings it to the bank and to my employer..