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+64211113964 / Anna / Negative
Rude Man named Jay calls from this number. he says he wants to purchase your services and then he backs out without purchasing. He has no money. He rambles on and on when speaking. He books appointments and doesn't show up. He is mentally ill and has extreme schizophrenia. He is a complete time waster. Block him and forget about him.
+6480022933 / Avit / Negative
Called from private number and left number to call back on. And also some sort of reference number. Caller had used my name.
+6499412103 / Trish / Negative
This idiot just called me from 09 941 2103 they hung up as soon as I said my name.
I have now blocked this number. Idiot!
+6463350276 / Tharis
I dont know nithing about this phone
+64218021310 / LadyKhaos
+6499509960 / Brendon / Negative
Caller just rang, somewhat heavy breathing and then hung up
+6499678619 / Isabel John / Negative
No idea who this is. Likely to be a scammer after seeing past reports.
+6499678606 / Johnny / Negative
Didn't answer but called me twice with a different ending number each time.
+6499977403 / P / Negative
Keep asking for a different person who does live there but not on that phone regarding private account details
+6426219902 / Roberto / Negative
Attenzione si spacciano per TIM ma sono dei truffatori e vi minacciano al telefono