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+6477977943 / Naysayer / Negative
Will ask for facepic
+64800272728 / Mike / Negative
Beware of this number I contacted ASB directly and it is not them !
+6499412259 / Annoyed / Negative
Multiple calls a day - hangs up on answering
+6474789645 / Josh / Negative
The number is occupied by Car Deals Canada linked through ISP Telecom. If you have ever signed up for Car Deals Canada they will spam you, block this number because I have not found any other way to stop them from calling.
+6498862100 / Erin / Negative
Keep getting calls from this phone number no message 098862100
+6499678651 / Aaron / Negative
Silent calls. Rings then hangs up when pick up. Keep calling about 4 or 5 per week. Very annoying
+6498862100 / Judy
This caller called and hung up when i answered. I phoned them back from a landline and it had a message saying Welcome to Solar City
+6499678651 / Johnny
Who is this?
+6498862100 / ell
the person called so I answered but they hung-up, then I called back just in case it was important but they hung-up and im waiting to see if this continues if it does I will block them.
+6474959489 / Gina / Negative
Very famous duct cleaning scammers from India. Police has a warning posted on their page