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+6499678660 / mark
Mercury Energy Telemarketing
+6498262211 / Sandra
Rung in the evening, asked for me by name then hung up when I said hello.
+6498262211 / Frances
Calls but hangs up once you answer.. Certainly is a scam.
It’s ANZ Ponsonby
+6448319331 / Simon / Negative
The keep calling for past owner of phone and won't update their records ( debt collection company
+6498011080 / Simon / Negative
Spam Caller who will keep ringing and hanging up
+6448319331 / Simon / Negative
Debt collector calling for previous owner on cell number and they refuse to delete number from.their record
Ring twice then hung up - No message left
+6499678660 / Phil / Negative
Just received a call from this number, no one on the line, the call ends immediately once you answer.
Scam number, don't answer, they won't leave a message.
+64210025942 / Stefano
receiving a text about a fault, but I have never notify a fault to anyone lately.