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+6499710655 / Don / Negative
I answered Hello and caller hung up.
+6499710655 / Marnie / Negative
No reply when I answered. I also redialed the number for it to ring then disconnect.
+6421025935 / Kevin
I recevei a message i would like a money
+6499710655 / Samantha / Negative
Silent call. They rung to no avail no one answered. Useless likely spam callers.
+64210597562 / Android / Positive
prepaid, alles gut
+6433127590 / Negative
Angeblich Microsoft... Alles Quatsch !!! Anrufer sperren !
+6468133095 / Gator
Called, let rang a short time, not long enough to trigger voice mail (common for scammers). No message left.
+6478366785 / hasty
i just want to know if this is my ex's new number
+6477723146 / Annoyed
Scam. Duct cleaning service that relentlessly calls at all hours
+64278956321 / Negative
0064278956321 Rang this morning didn't get further than hello then rang off. Number now blocked after reading the comments made by others.Thanks