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+6499412025 / Banh
Its GEM Finance
+6498862100 / 098862100 / Negative
I never picked up but it always calls me without leaving voice message
+6494881800 / Jess / Negative
Randomly called in the evening
+6495247429 / Patrick / Positive
Called about a confirmation for an appointment
+6435481064 / Hayden / Positive
NZME Radio
+6472893084 / ADhillon
I think this is an individual who is trying to sell his/her own business and make money from the system by either intercepting medical record transfers, or by pretending to be someone else.
I wouldn’t trust and please be careful
+6448302084 / Hutton / Negative
Weltec lower hutt petone / studylink
+6474944990 / Dave
This number called me and left no voicemail several times.
+64800273348 / Bob / Negative
Debt collectors who don't seem to understand they can't collect on a debt that's in dispute!
+6494419010 / Jenny M
FYI this is still happening. Missed call from this number, message ( Kiwi accent) says " I'm sorry, calling line ID Is not supported by this phone system".