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+6499678660 / Carlos
Mercury Energy Telemarketing
+6498262211 / Winston McCarthy
Called then hung up.
+6499678660 / Sinthu / Negative
Receiving calls from this number several times in the past few weeks and never answered. The caller never leaves a message
+6499678666 / First Last
Blind foundation NZ
+6466533017 / Anon
Scam number don’t fall for it
Mercury Energy marketing/sales cold call.
+6499678660 / Jo / Negative
Just received a call from this number. Wasn't familiar. Didn't answer the call. Caller never left a message.
+6499678660 / MB / Negative
Have had several calls from this number.
1st 2 times missed the calls
3rd time was a male asking for Lisa.
4th time was hung up straight after being answered
+6499678612 / Anon / Negative
So annoying! Had 3 calls today from this number - marketing
+6499678647 / KING DOM