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+6463571996 / Maria
Not sure but calls every day
+64210025935 / maricarl / Negative
received a text saying my NZ parcel was in Auckland centre. Need to pay an amount so the package will be delivered. Made a mistake of following a link. Then had an additional deduction from my card which I did not authorise.
+6499678600 / gem
Never answered, who the hell is it?
+6467832240 / Anonymous
people keep saying that 6467832240 is the Phone number of Ariana Grande
+6468133491 / Sheryl / Negative
No one speaks it’s just silent. Several minutes but no message to voicemail. Very suspicious. Several calls with notifications of a message, but nothing just silence
+64800552663 / Claire
Just phoned these guys back and they took my number off of their list. They weren't pushy,quite friendly. I signed up with black box which how they got my number.
+6499678647 / Amy
Its Coastguard NZ looking for people to donate to their non for profit charity.
+6499412043 / Jamee / Negative
Hangs up, when they do talk they sound miles away
+6499678647 / Alex
Calls and doesn’t leave a message so isn’t important
+6492726000 / Fedup
Trying to give me 50% off Southland time news paper stent to my house