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+6477226207 / John G
Weird voicemail left
+6499678684 / Jon
didn't answer, no voicemail. IDK who this is or how they got my number.
+6495558399 / Ash / Negative
No message left
+6499678684 / Jenna
I didnt answer, there was no voicemail left
+6499678660 / Julia / Negative
This is a scam number. The last time I picked up the call... it was an automated voice message in Chinese. I've added it to my block list.
+6499678691 / Stephen / Negative
this is scam
+6499783500 / Rutene
It's Redrat doing their promo calls.
+6499678654 / Robert / Negative
They have been ringing a few times a day so I finally answered. Kiwi womens voice,
told me I had entered a comp via "Omni leave" they told me I had won a marvelous prize and they wanted details. I told them I knew it was a scam and told them to beep off.
+6499678670 / Brigi / Negative
Rang for 17 sec, unanswered. no message.
I did not call back.
This number is not one listed for Lifesavers non-profit, nor for Barnardos
+6499678669 / Kirsten / Negative
Not sure who called or why but they’ve called a few times and I haven’t answered. When I answered this morning upon me saying hello they hung up