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+6495581927 / Hannah / Negative
I have been subscribed to Greenpeace emails but now I will have to unsubscribe because they call me from various numbers (another from Wellington)- (04) 280 1124, probably to collect donations. I have never answered, however, it is very disruptive and not everyone who fills out petitions can afford donating. I don't recall consenting to be called when I shared my number in any Greenpeace form online.
+6449010905 / Fy7gf
+6498262211 / Gemma / Negative
Rings twice then hangs up - no message left. Had multiple calls
Mercury Energy
+6494413611 / Phoebe / Positive
This number is ASB Outbound Number. I called back this number which was then answered by an automatic response to call back ASB on their 0800....... number.
+6473099781 / george
+6499678675 / Dot / Negative
They rang me and don't leave a message
+6432880162 / PJ / Negative
Yes very annoying.
Is from a debt collection house and calling us by mistake.
Just block them if they call your mobile or complain to your phone company and they will block them.
+6499669072 / Sharon
Didnt answer this unknown number, they didnt leave a message
+6492224611 / Anon / Negative
Called a work colleague, and asked for personal information. They would not identify themselves sor friend just asked them for a contact number and name and they would pass on to me. My friend said they were weird and suspicious. They gave a name Julie and provided an Australian mobile number. Did not respond to that number, called the NZ number and hid my ID. They wouldn't say who they were expect they were in Australia.