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+6432880125 / Christina / Negative
A very unprofessional and garbled message left asking for a call back to this number.
0800273334 which belongs to "Lance"
This is a faecesbook generated scam
+6499678660 / Heidi / Negative
Mercury Energy Telemarketing - They don't leave a message and when you call back nobody answers.
Have added the to my Spam Calls list.
Why not leave a message Cowards?
debt collectors
+6432880419 / Bob / Negative
Receivables Management Ltd. Debt collectors. DO NOT ANSWER.
+6499678691 / Jennifer
Who are they
+6477884150 / TG / Negative
Rang at 3am twice and left a message saying they were from a power company. Haven't followed upt
+6499678612 / Yvonne
I just got a call from this number I didn't bother to pick up as I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know. Just aswell by reading these comments its marketing mayb
+6449010915 / Big boobs
What is the name
What do they want
+6499678660 / Louie / Negative
+6499678660 / richard robb
big hoax can cost you money for nothing