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+6432880128 / Bob / Negative
+6494881800 / Kelly / Negative
Received a cool didn't ring for long have blocked number pretty sure it's a scam
+6444712161 / Thomas / Positive
Belongs to City Medical Centre in Central Wellington:
+6499678654 / Steve / Negative
Has phoned me twice and hung up when I answered. I will now block this numer
+6499678654 / Maree / Negative
I missed the call today and rang them back because I thought it was from a legit source , but hung up after 2 rings .. a friend told me to check the number on Google when someone rings and I don’t know the number.. I’m doing that and ended up here.. I will black list the number and ignore future spam calls.
+6499678654 / Tee Aye / Negative
I think it is one of scam companies that try keep you on the line as long as possible and then charge you for the call
+6498262211 / buster / Negative
robo-dialling scam call
+6499678654 / Chris
Appears to be connected with survey s
+6499678654 / sennyh / Negative
Has been ringing me every day 🤬