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+642109187408 / Leo / Negative
manda mensajes , pidiendo un guia de turismo, posible estafador
+6477884150 / mike / Positive
Its just Trustpower, a power company nothing scary
+6467594272 / John
+6499678685 / John
They called me
+6475575430 / No one
+6477884150 / D Vader / Negative
Scam...power company Trust Power

don't answer
delete and block
+6492224644 / Samatha Rogers
This number belongs to BizWorks brokers
+6477884150 / BK / Negative
Scam - rang saying Trustpower on behalf of Baycorp -
+6499678684 / Sandra / Negative
I keep getting this number calling me daily on my mobile number then hanging up. I called the number back from my land line and it goes to the SPCA asking if you want to support their work. If you don't want to be contacted, then put in the phone number of the phone they called you on. Yea right!!! Scam, I'm going to contact the SPCA and will post an update.