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+6499678612 / Katie Horne / Negative
Caller rings once a day, leaves no message. When I have tried to call back it is just a loud beep
+6499678661 / John Avery / Negative
April and May 2020. Receiving almost daily calls from this number which when answered, after about 2 seconds, will hangup, indicating some automated system.
+6499678612 / Anon / Negative
Keep getting calls and hang ups. When I call back it just beeps.
+6442801124 / Raebell
I have had 4 calls from an unknown number, the caller speaks in Chinese. I deleted the last number (area code 04) that had called and spoken in Chinese. I made a whitelist of acceptable phone numbers after the 4th call. Just now had a message saying there had been a call from 6442801124. It was from Greenpeace. I suspect the others may have also been from Greenpeace. Definitely scamming.
+6499678612 / Brae / Negative
Rang me about 4 times and all the times it was just a beeping noise
+6499678612 / Emma / Negative
Caller rung then hung up
+6492222391 / Filipino Spam Caller / Negative
Filipino spam caller trying to sell you software.
+6499678612 / Teddy / Negative
Caller rang and then hang up.
+6499678675 / Amiit / Negative
That number calling me from so long and not saying anything
+6499304146 / mas
hi there, I don't want you to call me, i not understand about you. ca you please stop calling me.