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+6494772142 / Kip / Negative
Debt Collection Agency
+64275061605 / ........ / Negative
+6499412259 / cp / Negative
hangs up
+6480066025 / pseudo / Positive
Telenet dienst (geen verkoop!)
+6442348244 / Larry / Negative
automated msg to cancel spark
+6478500357 / wikus
need info
+6499678637 / Shawn / Negative
they want money and claim most people with them give $7 - $10 per week. they have my email but wouldn't send any information regarding to how they are going to spend the money etc. Asked me to browse spca website for information and give them my debit card info over the phone.
+6492523664 / Lila / Negative
This number called me while I was at work, kept trying to return the call and it wasn't picked up. Just kept ringing with no answering machine.
+64219411100 / TRue / Positive
Capitec Loan Offer
+64800888798 / JB / Negative